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Treasure Homes construction company  was formally established in 2012 . Treasure Homes has established to be an integrated construction management enterprise with construction service, house design & build service and Turnkey Project .

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Monthly Report ( Includes: Cost, timeframe and Health & Safety), One-Point Contact. Understanding your building needs.

Time Guarantee

We Guarantee project timeframe, we provide you with a timeframe at the pricing stage.

10 Years Master Builder Guarantee

Your project will be built by a qualified and experienced building company with financial capability.

LBP Quality Guarantee

We have own LBP builders; all our subcontractors have their own LBP and trade qualified.

Price Guarantee

Free quotation at Concept Drawing Stage. We specify every building element with fixed price lump sum contract.

One-Stop Building Solution

We have robust relationship with every aspect of industry stakeholder. From Land selection to sales the completed project

Why Choose Us

Buying house plans from The Treasure Homes LTD, the master house builder NZ, which offer house design and land development that implies you’re purchasing your arrangements direct from the engineers and creators, but with The Treasure Homes to fill in as your contact in the event that you have any issues or concerns. The Treasure Homes LTD is one of the best Construction companies and residential builder or lbp builder in New Zealand. This permits us to give heavenly client support, the best value assurance, and contact with the Engineers or designers for any inquiries you may have. We speak to simply the best engineers and originators in the New Zealand who meet our exacting necessity of IRC code compliancy and whose plans have the basic subtleties your manufacturer needs to assemble a sheltered and complete home. You’ll find each design style and size on Master Builders NZ, and you’ll get free adjustment discussion benefits on each home arrangement just as complimentary alteration gauges!

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