Why Us

Treasure homes was founded in 2010 in New Zealand, currently operating on North Shore which is serving the Greater Auckland Region. With Treasure Homes, you can not only expect exceptional quality houses but also the value of time and money. We have committed to the construction of single standalone houses, terrace houses, and small commercial projects for private house owners and developers.

In the past 10 years, we have maintained and been continuously improving our quality, efficient, and professional service standards which are well recognised by the market. Our team is a group of qualified individuals from various industry disciplines including Builders, Quantity Surveyors, and Construction Managers.

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2020 House of the Year

New Home < 450k

Bronze Award

silver metal

2019 House of the Year

New Home 600k – 750k

Silver Award

In 2019, Treasure Homes participated in the Registered Master Builder House of the Year Award for the very first time, we won the Silver Medal in the category of New Homes from $600,000 to $750,000. The building quality is highly committed and certificated by the Master Builder Organisation

In 2020, Treasure Homes won another Bronze prize under the category of ‘New Homes up to $450,0000’. 

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Our Promise and Values

Why choose us?


Monthly Report ( Includes: Cost, timeframe and Health & Safety), One-Point Contact. Understanding your building needs.

Price Guarantee

Free quotation at Concept Drawing Stage. We specify every building element with fixed price lump sum contract.

Time Guarantee

We Guarantee project timeframe, we provide you with a timeframe at the pricing stage.

LBP Quality Guarantee

We have own LBP builders; all our subcontractors have their own LBP and trade qualified. We have substantial quality control system for every stage, and we offer you 12 months defect liability.

10 Years Master Builder Guarantee

Registered Master Builders have been building the foundations of this country, its homes, and workplaces for over 100 years. Master Builders build quality homes and buildings that last. They represent the best of the industry, and uphold the highest standards.

All Registered Master Builders are required to meet quality criteria, and are assessed on:

• Building experience
• Trade and professional qualifications
• Practical management experience
• Workmanship – previous clients have been contacted to ensure their work is of a high standard and has satisfied their expectations
• Financial responsibility – written references have been provided from their bank,

Only a Registered Master Builder can offer you peace of mind with a 10-year Master Build Guarantee on residential work.

One-Stop Building Solution

We have robust relationship with every aspect of industry stakeholder. From Land selection to sales the completed project.